Providing compassionate treatment for drug and alcohol addiction for 30 Years

Since 1983, New Life Lodge has been guiding individuals through every step of the addiction recovery process. Located on 120 wooded acres in Burns, Tennessee, our peaceful and nurturing setting promotes introspection and recovery.

New Life Lodge uses evidence based counseling practices and the ongoing support of self- help groups such as AA & NA.

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You will be contacted by an addiction specialist within 24 hours

This organization does not disclose, give, sell, or transfer any personal information about our visitors, unless specifically required for law enforcement or statute.

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About Us

Our program offers a continuum of services, from detox through inpatient treatment.

Meet the Team

Our highly qualified and experienced treatment professionals provide the highest quality care.


View photos of our picturesque and serene campus in the heart of the Tennessee countryside.


Get answers about our program and treatment information.


New Life Lodge welcomes those willing to take the first step in the journey to overcoming addiction.


Treatment begins with the caring staff in our admissions department.

A Message from our Director

"Welcome to New Life Lodge, where we have been helping men and women in crisis for more than 30 years. Thank you for visiting our website, and for taking a few moments to learn a bit more about our program. As I hope will become apparent to you as you review this site, New Life Lodge is a truly special place..."

Our Philosophy

We believe that offering a wide range of therapies, all of which are compatible with the principles of the 12-Step philosophy, provides our patients with the most effective means of achieving and maintaining sobriety. The highly personalized program that we offer encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation of each individual. Read more



Wow! Where do I start? I was what most people in the field considered a chronic alcoholic, a hard case. Years of counseling, physiologic help, medications, etc. and I was still in a suicidal state. Nothing had helped. After 12 rehabs, I found New Life Lodge. I am alive and sober today, living life instead of looking to die. New Life Lodge really was my lucky #13! - Nate C.

30 Years in Business